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IRIE MON: The Carnival Conquest departs Montego Bay, Jamaica.


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Welcome to the site for general cruise information - here you'll find useful cruise tips and reviews that every cruise vacationer should consider before their next voyage. Explore our original articles offering experienced advice on everything from cruise cabins to Cozumel excursions...all geared around you, the smart cruiser! Also, be sure that you check out the Cruise Shore Excursions page, where cruisers can get 'in the know' tips on the offerings of several ports.

Have questions that need quick answers? Want to meet other people sailing on your cruise? Looking for tips on cruising topics not covered here? Visit our new Cruise Message Boards for this and much more.

The links to the left are packed with cruise tips and information on pretty much all the different aspects of a cruise vacation. The pages are lined out in a start-to-finish format, carrying you through the process of reviewing different cruise ships, then buying cruise tickets, packing for the cruise, checking in at the cruise terminal, several pages covering what to expect while at sea, ideas for your days at port, and cruise tips for checking out at the terminal.

If you're planning your first cruise, then you're in the right place! The Cruising Insider was originally designed with you in mind, and offers a boatload of cruise tips for first timers. We've tried to touch on at least a little of everything a new cruise vacationer needs to know, from start to finish.

Don't want to forget those important items? We highly recommend that you print a copy of our free Cruise Packing List. It is an easy-to-follow, checkable list that covers the basic items you don't want to leave behind.

Don't miss our new Top Ten Cruise Tips page! Our entire site is sprinkled with cruise tips in various places, so don't miss anything that's here to offer. But if you're short of time, this new page is a great place to pick up the must-have tips you don't want to leave home without knowing.

Got questions? Cruising is like no other vacation, so naturally those who are new to the game will have lots to ask about. We've shared some of the questions we receive through e-mail on our new Cruise Questions Answered page. You'll find e-mails answered with tips on everything from what to wear, to when to book. And, of course, if you don't find the answer you're seeking there, drop us a line at . We answer each and every e-mail!

Traveling to Roatan, Honduras on your next cruise? Don't miss our review of this up and coming cruise destination, where we'll give you important cruise tips on what's available. At the top right of this page, you'll also find featured port reviews, with photos and cruise tips for several other great cruise destinations.

Following Hurricane Dean, the port of Costa Maya is once again scheduling visits by cruise ships. Although the damage from this storm was extensive, Costa Maya has rebounded and is ready to serve. Learn why this port, pushed out from the jungles of southern Mexico, has become one of the most popular cruise destinations in the world.

If your cruise itinerary includes a stop at Progreso , we would like to highly recommend a visit to the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza. This is the home of the famous El Castillo pyramid, sure to awe visitors with its size and intricate design. The bus ride is a little long, but makes for interesting sightseeing along the way. We found it well worth the trip to witness such an amazing piece of Mayan history. Check out our full review of this incredible excursion, complete with pictures.

Don't miss our Cruise Video section! There you'll find numerous videos, providing cruise tips from both travel professionals and your fellow cruisers, that will clue you in as to what's available on a cruise.

Want to catch a glimpse of what's going on in real-time from your favorite ship or port? Then follow the cruise ship webcams link to our Cruise Ship and Port Webcam Directory. This new page will continue to grow as we add more webcams, so check back often! And, if you're aware of a cruise ship or port webcam that should be added, please drop us a line to let us know!

Don't forget to drop by our Cruise Gear Shop and see what's available! This page is brand new, but we'll be continuing to add new items over the coming weeks. Here you can pick up handy items that are sure to be of help on your next cruise. Or, make a small donation using the 'donate' button near the bottom of the page. Either way, your support of The Cruising Insider will help ensure that it stays afloat for the continued benefit of you and your fellow cruisers. Thanks for your help!

Have cruise tips of your own? We're always looking for great ideas to share. Whether you just finished your first or twentieth cruise, chances are that you've picked up tips on something that made your cruise more enjoyable. If you have cruise tips not mentioned here, please drop us a line at . We'd love to hear from you!

Any vacation is always more enjoyable when things go smoothly -- and a little research and preparation goes a long way toward making that dream vacation happen. It is our hope that the cruise tips and information we've provided here will benefit you on your cruise vacation. And, don't forget to come back and post that cruise review when you return!


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